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TM 32-5865-061-24&P
` 3-1. SCOPE. This chapter provides a functional description of the Receiver Set
and its circuit card assemblies/modules to the level required for the support of
u n i t s tested by the AN/USM-410.  T h e f u n c t i o n a l d e s c r i p t i o n s a r e k e y e d t o f u n c -
t i o n a l b l o c k d i a g r a m s .  R e f e r to System Maintenance Manual TM 32-5865-060-24&P for
detailed system interface description.
3 - 2 . RECEIVER SET FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION. Refer to figure 3-1, a functional
b l o c k d i a g r a m o f t h e R e c e i v e r S e t .  T h e Receiver Set provides the physical and
e l e c t r i c a l support requirements of the R-2144A/URR receivers used in the AN/MLQ-34
system. The unit can house from one to four of these receivers. With receivers
i n s t a l l e d , t h e u n i t r e c e i v e s R F a n d c o n t r o l s i g n a l s f r o m t h e s y s t e m .  The RF
signals are processed by the receivers and transformed to IF and audio signals.
The unit also provides; 5 MHz reference clock signals, buffered first local
o s c i l l a t o r ( L O ) s i g n a l s a n d u n i t f a u l t s t a t u s i n f o r m a t i o n .  The receivers are
digitally tuned and controlled using the data from the serial RC Bus. Figure 3-2
describes the RC Bus data format.  Filter Assembly A10 is used to prevent transfer
of RF to signal and control lines.  These functions are described in the following
3 - 2 . 1 I n p u t S i g n a l s .  A single receiver control bus (RC Bus) controls all four
The RC bus provides DATA, CLOCK, and STROBE signals. These are
j u m p e r e d through A9.  T h i s i s t o a l l o w f o r a s e p a r a t e c o n t r o l s o u r c e f o r
receiver 1 should this be required.  Each receiver requires a 6-bit address
i n p u t .  The location of a receiver within the Receiver Set is determined by the
three low order bits of the address hard wired at the rear connector. The three
high order bits, (Receiver Set address), are determined by signals which are part
o f the RC bus.  R F s i g n a l s a r e f e d t o e a c h r e c e i v e r . T h e 5 M H z r e f e r e n c e o s c i l -
lator, Y1, produces a 5 MHz clock signal. This signal is routed out, 5 MHz REF
OUT, and back to the unit through a jumper to buffer amplifier A5. The reference
signal is buffered and then applied to each receiver.
3-2.2  Receiver  Output  Signals.  Each receiver provides the following signals
which are interfaced to the system through connectors on the rear of the Receiver
a . Wideband IF (WBIF)
b . Narrowband IF (NBIF)
c. AUDIO, standard and auxiliary
d. Analog automatic gain control (AGC)
e .  First LO output (STEP LO). Solid state amplifiers, AR1 through AR4, buffer
and amplify the signals from the receiver before they are output from the unit.

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