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Page Title: Special Information
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TM 11-5820-549-50-1
decimal point before the next to last digit of the number
reference designation is known.  The first column in
to indicate hundredths, and multiplying the decimal
each index is prepared in alpha-numerical sequence.
factor by the parts quantity authorized in the 51-100
The reference numbers (manufacturer's part numbers)
allowance column. Example authorized allowance for
are listed immediately following the last listed Federal
51100 equipments is 40; for 150 equipments multiply 40
stock number in the index of Federal stock numbers.
by 1.50 or 60 parts required.
b. When the Federal stock number is known,
g. 1-Year  Allowances  Per  100  Equipments/
follow the procedures given in (1), (2), and (3) below.
Contingency Planning Purposes, Column 8.
(1) Refer to the index of Federal stock
column indicates opposite the first appearance of each
numbers (sec IV) and locate the Federal stock number.
item the total quantity required for distribution and
The FSN is cross-referenced to the applicable figure
contingency planning purposes.  The range of items
and item or reference designation.
indicates total quantities of all authorized items required
(2) Refer to the RPSTL (sec II) and locate the
to provide for adequate support of 100 equipments for
figure number (col 10a) and item or reference number
one year.
(col 10b) as noted in the FSN index.
h. Depot  Maintenance  Allowance  Per  100
(3) If the FSN or manufacturer's part number
Equipments, Column 9. This column indicates opposite
is not listed in the index, refer to columns 2 and 3 of the
the first appearance of each item, the total quantity
RPSTL (sec II) and locate the Federal stock number by
authorized for depot maintenance of 100 equipments.
scrutiny of the numbers listed in columns 2 and 3.
Subsequent appearances of the same item will have the
c. When the reference designation is determined,
letters "REF" in the allowance column. Items authorized
refer to the reference designation index (sec V). The
for use as required but not for initial stockage are
reference designations are listed in alpha-numerical
identified with an asterisk in the allowance column.
order and are cross-referenced to the page number on
i. Illustration, Column 10. This column is divided
which they appear in the repair parts list (sec II). Refer
as follows:
to the page number noted in the index and locate the
(1) Figure Number, Column 10a.  Indicates
reference designation (col 10b).  If the word "REF"
the figure number of the illustration in which the item is
appears in the allowance column for the repair part, note
the Federal stock number (col 2) or manufacturer's part
(2) Item Number, Column 10b. Indicates the
number (col 3). Refer to the FSN index and note the
callout number used to reference the item in the
reference designation for that FSN or part number.
Refer to the reference designation index and note the
page number given for the reference designation. Refer
to the page noted in the RPSTL (sec II) and locate the
B-4. Special Information
reference designation incolumn 10b of the repair parts
Repair parts mortality is computed from failure rates
derived from experience factors with the individual parts
in a variety of equipments. Variations in the specific
application and periods of use of electronics equipment,
B-6. Federal Supply Code for Manufacturer's Name
the fragility of electronic piece parts, plus intangible
material and quality factors intrinsic to the manufacture
Manufacturer's Name
of electronic parts, do not permit mortality to be based
00639 ................. Bevin and Wilcox Line Co.
on hours of end-item use.  However, long periods of
16758 ................. Delco Radio Div. of General Motors
continuous use under adverse conditions are likely to
increase repair parts mortality.
80063 ................. Army Electronics Command
81349 ................. Military Specifications
B-5. Location of Repair Parts
96906 ................. Military Standards
a. This  manual  contains  two  cross-reference
indexes (sec IV and V) to be used to locate a repair part
when either the Federal stock number, reference
number (manufacturer's part number), or

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